Landscape Construction in Albury Wodonga

Executive Garden Scapes is a full-service landscape construction company serving the commercial, government and residential sectors across NSW, VIC and QLD including Albury and wodonga.

We strive to provide our customers with products and services that more than meet their expectations and we pride ourselves on being leaders in our profession.

Landscape Maintenance in Albury Wodonga

Maintenance is key in the successful establishment of landscape and its development. A landscape is never ‘finished’. Our comprehensive landscape maintenance service ensures your grounds are always making a great first impression.

Our team of qualified landscapers and horticulturalists set uncompromising standards for the grounds and gardens they maintain. We are committed to seeing your landscape progress over long timeframes and immaculately present at all times. All visits are documented and reported with work carried out.

Landscaping in Wodonga

Executive Garden Scapes are an award-winning landscape architecture and design firm that believe that landscaping is not merely a decoration. Instead, landscaping is all about adding additional value to space, whether it be aestheticism, sustainability, entertainment or reuse of an abandoned space. Our work includes quality materials, creative planning, clean lines and the clients themselves.

Open spaces such as gardens, playing grounds, and parks positively impact our mental well-being and health. The aesthetic value of a manicured area for children to play and adults to relax helps build communities within Australia. We construct and maintain the space with trimmed bushes and trees, watered garden beds and high-quality gardening with seeding, watering and winterising. We convert abandoned spaces into welcoming and functional landscapes that connect buildings and trails with our work.

If you have your dream home set up, it’s time that we build the best landscape to match the home. You’ll get mowed grass, a vibrant flower bed bordering the walkways and a gorgeous backdrop for your social events. We have high standards, and we believe in energy and water efficiency. In other words, we take care of water maintenance, drainage and ground maintenance. As we perform landscaping in Albury Wodonga, we care for playgrounds, furniture, exercise equipment, clear walkways and free movement in the property.

We understand that gentle walking and exercise are essential for all ages, which is why we take special care at retirement homes. Landscape directly impacts the physical and mental health of the residents, which is why they take a holistic approach when designing the gardens. We work with the facility operators to create immersive green spaces, along with friendly and passionate horticulturists to maintain the gardens.

Our landscaping services in Albury Wodonga lie in flower gardens and community vegetable gardens designed to reduce stress on joints and backs, and we cater to leaf litter, overhanging and pathways. Thus, residents use motor skills, prevent health issues, build strength, get exposed to Vitamin D, reduce stress levels, alleviate dementia symptoms and improve mood.

Landscaping on commercial properties beautifies the estate, making a difference between a lasting impression and a temporary impression. Appearances are a crucial aspect of a commercial property, which helps visitors form positive opinions and interact with you. Our in-house team and landscape contractors have several decades of experience to maintain any commercial property.

Before you ask the question, yes, we have worked across different segments in landscaping. If you are looking for landscaping in Albury Wodonga, please visit us Executive Garden Scapes.
Executive Garden Scapes Albury Wodonga
We specialise in both hard and soft landscaping to all homes or commercial projects of all sizes. All our team are fully qualified and have an abundance of knowledge and years of experience to bring about smooth transition from design stage to completion of your project.

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