Selecting plants and mulch is an important part of landscaping. Ensuring that the plants will survive the environment and enhance the look of your garden is our top priority. Our landscapers have a passion for understanding plants and their features and can give you some great guidance when it comes to choosing plants.

Mulching is another very important part of landscaping. Using mulch liberally and regularly helps retain soil moisture. It does this by reducing evaporation, restricting weed growth and improving soil structure as it breaks down. Mulching also improves plant growth by providing insulation for plant roots. Our landscapers can help you choose the best type of mulch for your garden and can install it to the ideal thickness.

We can supply you with ideas, concepts and inspiration to improve any existing garden. If a full design package is not required the consultation involves comprehensive site assessment, after which a palette of plants and material suited to your needs is forwarded to you, this can be accompanied by a fee to supply and install the products.